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Glory Ministries' Official Website - A Ministry Founded By Apostle Pride Sibiya... With The Vision To Express God's Glory On Earth.

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Glory Ministries' Official Website - A Ministry Founded By Apostle Pride Sibiya... With The Vision To Express God's Glory On Earth.

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Kupakwashe Shawn Kanyerere Farewell To Our Drummer, “Professor”


Harare – Before his death, Kupakwashe Shawn Kanyerere had a dream. Big dreams. His ambitions were limitless.

He desired to be a professor. To his mother, he was my “professor”. Academically, he was a genius. During his last term, he obtained 8A’s, scooping awards.

Derick Matsengarwodzi
“His ultimate dream was to become a professor. He was a generous, smart and humble character. He wanted to become successful in life and live his dream,” his sister, Kudzaiishe remembers.

He adored music, too.

Malvern Bandera, his uncle recollects: “He changed many lives, with a happy smile. He was a dreamer. He was exploring himself as a chanter and an MC.

“We are deeply hurt for losing a true future icon and legend. We were robbed of a great potential.”

But God had the final verdict.

Rough Diamond
The last time Kupakwashe displayed his drumming skills was his final day on earth.

After a stellar performance, he joined his friend Makatendekaishe for a swim. With Zvikomborero, that was their last walk for the trio, together.

Growing up, he observed his elder brother drumming. He was motivated, enchanted by the craft. But he could not express himself, yet. But when his chance came – it came by default.

It was during a conference hosted by Glory Ministries in 2014. The main drummer was absent. Kupakwashe stepped in. The shoes were too big – but he fitted with ease.

Journey begins
This was the beginning of an exciting musical voyage. Thereafter, he became a regular drummer – exhibiting unequaled ability for his juvenile age.

Band leader Darlington Nemutambwe rephrases the episode.

“I first knew Kupakwashe in 2011, when he was still in Mega Kids, when I wrote a song for them. Then, he was an aspiring singer. In 2014, we had no drummer for the band.

“He insisted on playing. It took two only months to mentor him. And at one stage he wanted to quit, but I pushed him on.”
Kupakwashe Shawn Kanyerere Farewell To Our Drummer, “Professor”
The little maestro’s exploits later took him on journeys across the country for crusades and conferences.

Fountain Of Joy

A third born in a family of four, he was a blessing to all.

Kupakwashe’s sister evokes of a sweat, outspoken and fair character, who never took sides – a characteristic supported by fellow band members.

To the church and band, he was a hero at only 15.

“He was our key drum player, very flexible and talented, with a great sense of humour and not afraid to speak out his mind. He was also grooming other drummers.

“Our team lost great heroes, we will greatly miss them,” emphasised Glory Ministries praise team leader, Pastor Rachel Nyakurwa.
Till death, he oozed with humility – and much more.

“He was a marvel and a joy to the family – a hub of laughter, who fostered jubilation with his siblings. He was a fountain of humility, perseverance, kindness, obedience and hard work,” Bandera cited.

Team Player

Within the praise and worship group, they had formed a mutual combination with his teammates.

Even before Apostle Pride Sibiya stepped on stage, the band already knew the tune to play. Wherever, he introduced a song, they responded in harmony.

Their performance was perfected, synchronized act, causing Apostle Sibiya to repeatedly say, “This is my best praise team, I don’t know about you.”

Kupakwashe’s apprenticeship at a young age was now yielding positive results.

Together with Darlington and crew, their ensemble Afrocentric churned conscious, evangelical beats. Their exquisite performances wowed listeners. A combination of traditional instruments and energetic dances showcased a rich Zimbabwean flavour.

The Comedian

During the demanding task, Kupakwashe tossed some jokes to lighten the occasion, which Nemutambwe still cherishes with nostalgia.

“He was a funny fellow, always joking. We called him our “engineer”, after a prophecy by Apostle Sibiya that, there will be professionals from the church.”

Gifted with a deep, amazing appreciation of music, his absence will echo for forever.

“He understood drumming patterns, directed percussions and dances – and he possessed a strong rhythmic sense. We will raise others not to replace them but to continue. We can’t go back, we will have failed them,” Nemutambwe spoke with a deep sense of loss.

Though death wiped Kupakwashe from us, his legacy spurs us on. Farewell our engineer. Goodbye professor Kupa.

This article was originally featured in (Tinzwei Media)

First Fruits 2019 - The FIRST FRUITS is the KEY!


Honor the LORD with your possessions, and with the firstfruits of all your increase; so your barns will be filled with plenty, and your vats will overflow ... (Proverbs 3:9–10 NKJV) ... and LORD Me and My READERS will Honour You with our First-fruits.

If this year you choose to walk in obedience to this first-fruits instruction and add to this your faith - I believe your purpose, your year, your prosperity, and power will release blessing upon your entire year!


As a servant of God I declare that the burden and the weight you have been carrying is lifted, let every yoke break off you NOW - For I decree you are about to INHERIT your Promised Land ... in particular God will give you the grace to take over your Mountains of Influence in 2019.

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You might belong to another ministry and you pastor had given you the theme for this year - I want you to know that It begins right now with the biblical principle of First Fruits.
God clearly established in His Word that the principle of First Fruits must become a priority in our lives. When we are obedient there is a promise for us. And there is ONE who never breaks His promise – God! When you KEEP FIRST THINGS FIRST through faith and obedience, you turn God's promise into provision… Because He wants to see you succeed, The principle of “First Fruits” is God’s plan for us to prosper and be in health all year long!

When you give the “first fruits of your increase,” as the Word says, your “barns are destined to will be filled with plenty and your vats will to OVERFLOW.

DO NOT LET THIS OPPORTUNITY to start your year off firmly established on God’s instruction by linking to this prophetic call PASS YOU BY!

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Your FIRST FRUITS Offering for 2019 WILL release you from your past and align your future for His blessing! I am decreeing and declaring 2019 will be A Year Of INFLUENCE where GOD WILL EQUIP YOU TO POSSESS YOUR AREA OF INFLUENCE and I am agreeing with you now that with God all things are possible.


Go to Glory Ministries for frequently asked questions on FIRST-FRUITS OFFERING in Glory Ministries!

At the beginning of every year, in the month of January, I invite all my friends and partners to join me in dedicating ourselves to a holy time of consecration with prayer, fasting and giving of a firstfruits offering.​

Sow Your Firstfruits Offering Here

Drowned Teenager Buried At Zororo Cemetery!


One of the teenagers who died at a church outing on Saturday while swimming will be laid to rest today at Zororo cemetery along Chitungwiza.

Kupakwashe Kanyerere (14) a student at Daramombe mission school drowned together with two others in a dam, while swimming at a campsite just outside Marondera.

The police sub aqua unit on Sunday morning recovered the bodies of Kanyerere Makatendekaishe Saunyama (16) and Zvikomborero Rambanepasi (16), all of Chitungwiza from Karimazondo Dam.

The deceased teenagers were part of the 125 members of a Chitungwiza-based Glory Ministries church led by one Apostle Pride Sibiya.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police confirmed the incident.
Drowned Teenager Buried At Zororo Cemetery!
Said Apostle Sibiya in a statement:
“It is with a heavy heart that i notify you of the reason we cancelled our Deliverance Crossover Night.

As a ministry, we hold an Annual Conference for ministers of the gospel, pastors and trainee ministers in various fields. As usual, this year’s edition was set from 27 to 30 December at Mhukahuru Camp site in Marondera.

Our event was going on well until 29 December when as different groups went for team building training, it was made known to us that some of our members that had gone to a nearby dam were drowning.
The parents of two of the boys who drowned were in attendance at the camp. We tried to save them to no avail since we rushed to the scene only to be told that 3 boys had already drowned. The police sub aqua unit retrieved their bodies.

May their souls rest in eternal peace.”



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