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How to stand with the servant of God says Apostle Zinyake

THE last combined mega Sunday for 2014 was held at Bethel Worship Centre with euphoria and hope for the upcoming year.

The weekend dubbed as a Thanksgiving Day marked the last meeting for Glory Ministries assemblies before the Crossover Night penciled for the 31st of December, 2014.

Apostle A. Zinyake, an eminent intercessor opened the day saying, ‘Some Christians fail in life because they have characteristic of the devil, such as rebellion. God raises a servant as his representative who will touch people’s souls. If you need a blessing, you need to respect them. There is a blessing for those who stand with the servant of God. There is a difference between a church and a movement. You must know who to follow.’
How to stand with the servant of God says Apostle Zinyake
According to the prayer warrior, there are four types of Christians:
1. Hostage Christians – they hold the church of God to grow. They don’t leave the church but cause others to leave
2. Terrorists Christians – they bomb and criticise everything the pastors say
3. Mercenaries Christians – they come to this church but pay their tithes and allegiance elsewhere, but seek to be helped when in need
4. Apostle sons and daughters – these people stand with the men of God, always
Apostle P. Sibiya
How to stand with the servant of God says Apostle Zinyake
‘The church of God goes through seasons. We need to raise a trustworthy army that will stand with the vision, always. You can also tap into the blessing by praying for the servant of God. The angel in his life will come to your dreams; your father gives you a blessing and inheritance, although others can pray for you.’ – Derick Matsengarwodzi (Glory Media).
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