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Prayer Is The Pillar For The Church

Prophet Norbert Nyamazana, a servant of God who shares the same spiritual father with Apostle Pride Sibiya empasised the importance of prayer in the church.

He mentioned the value of prayer during a sermon delivered during the last Mega Sunday of 2014 at Bethel Worship Centre.

‘The church goes through different stages of development. God is presenting nations to the Apostle. When we pray there is more power, more prayer, more power, and the reverse is true. Great intercessors must pray for the church. Your prayer will release miracles in the lives of the servants of God.

Generals are supported by prayer. Let prayer be the pillar for the church. We pray for everything in our prayers. People who pray for servants are obedient to the ministry.’
Prophet Nyamazana
Prayer is the pillar for the church
Prophet Nyamazana, a regular preacher in Glory Ministries is a spiritual brother to Apostle Pride Sibiya. The duo submits to the same spiritual father Apostle Alexander Chisango, a revered God’s minister.

Pastor Mike Zvimba added his voice to the importance of prayer saying: ‘A man of God might have his own physical limitations but he has something deposited in him, spiritually. They must not limit you to get your blessing from them.

Be careful to lose a blessing by becoming too familiar with the servant of God. When God wants to bless you He creates a need in the servant of God. You must minister to the life of servants of God, they carry your blessing.’

‘When you don’t honour servants of God others will bring them gifts to tap into the anointing and get blessed,’ added Overseer Abigail Chinoruma.
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