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Stand With God’s Vision Says Apostle P. Sibiya

‘Don’t leave the church because of people who are bitter. If the Lord has spoken to you to start a church, you must be open. Don’t follow people who come to lead you astray.’

Preaching from John 20:19, Apostle Pride Sibiya said: ‘Every stone that was closing your door to prosperity in your life we roll it away right now. There is hope for your business and it will come out of the grave. You trust poverty more than God because your life has been a challenge.’
Stand with God’s vision says Apostle P. Sibiya
He further noted, ‘Your business will rise from the grave. Resurrection in Greek means the thing will be transformed. The season of supernatural will make you overcome where hope has been lost. I declare that:’

1. If the doors are closed in you profession, they will open supernaturally.

2. Marriages for single women are coming in this ministry.
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