• Dimensions of Mega Prosperity 2: Physical Prosperity!

    By Apostle Pride Sibiya
    "Brethren I desire that you prosper and be in good health even as your soul prospers."(3 John 2)

    Job 36:11-12 tells us that if we obey God, He will surely bless us, even with visible blessings. In the last dimension we discussed Spiritual prosperity. It is the most important and without it we will not make Heaven.

    While the spiritual dimension is the most important, it is not the only one. While it makes no sense to be wealthy then miss Heaven, it also does not make good reasoning to have our heads in the clouds so that we so become earthly irrelevant. While being spiritually strong is the goal, we also need to have healthy bodies for example. The INWARD spiritual prosperity must manifest in the OUTWARD physical prosperity. You cannot or should not be in a "wilderness" the rest of your life. Aiwa unobudawoka, it is not God's desire for you to die in the wilderness! You must reach some Canaan, land flowing with honey and milk!

    Apostle Pride Sibiya
    Apostle Pride Sibiya
    Some signs that you are prospering physically are:  
    • Good health.
    • Fruitful in your body.
    • Fruitful in your fields and endeavors.
    • No blindness.
    • No miscarriages.
    • No premature physical death.
    • No successive motor-car or machine accidents.
    • Good healthy flesh Job 33:25.
    • Rejuvinated life Isaiah 40:31.
    • Most importantly seeing God whilist still in the flesh Job 19:26.

    How to have physical blessing:

    Receive Christ-this makes you a new creature and releases every spiritual blessing in your life(Ephesians 1:3-4). At this point they are spiritual but you need to work in the physical to transform them to physically-manifested blessings 
    Work. God needs the works of your hands so He can have something to bless
    Save. When you get money and wealth do not just have a stomach mentality. Do not think with your stomach, save something and invest
    Do business. To prosper you need at least four streams of revenue in your life. If you have less than that 90% of the chances are you are poor as you read right now.
    Eat healthy. Forsake eating junk food and keep the physical body right by eating healthy. In your meal half of the platter shoulld be fruit and vegetable, quater cabohydrate and the last quarter protein, and fats we just encounter somewhere in the meal. Let us go organic and drink not less than 2 litres of clean water daily.
    Bath. If you are married bath at least twice a day pliz...no further explanations hantie!
    Stick to one sexual partner, your spouse. Kuhura kunochemberesa!
    Exercise daily
    Tithe. It opens the floodgates of Heaven on you
    Give. Pushes God's hand to pour out a blessing on you.

    I pray that God may cause you to prosper here and now. May you not enjoy "pie in the sky when you die!" I release Mega Prosperity now!

    Peter asked what will happen to those who left all for Christ's sake. Jesus answered that they will not only prosper in Heaven but even on earth. That is your portion!

    I love you

    Apostle Pride Sibiya


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