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Stay connected with God’s servants

Seasons come and go. If you are not alert, you will miss it.

Ways to stay connected with the servant of God:

Have faith
The servant of God is our booster. Believe in them and you will prosper. When God speaks to His servants we must not question. Know and believe has heard the Lord speaking. Believe in your father and align with the vision of the ministry.
Stay connected with God’s servants
Change your lifestyle and language
You can stop it by not believing. You must believe in God’s booster, that is the servant of God. If we believe, the devil will never hold us back.

Pay your tithes
Tithing connects you with the seasons. If you skip tour tithes, you are cursed before you can prosper. 

Access your father’s messageBe in possession of your father’s teachings, books and other resourceful material. Know and understand the heartbeat of your father. Stay in the season with the teachings.

Without prayer, nothing will materialise. Prayer connects you with the anointing. Always be available to access the spirit. Believe that your father is the best, and you will prosper.  
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