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Tiyambuke 2016 - Giraffe and Turtles [Living A Resilient Life]

“When you were built to be tall you will endanger your position if you lower your perspective.” – Bishop TD Jakes

People are like giraffes and turtles because they can only respond to life situations based on their worldview. While they may be in the same space, they have do not see they same things. Giraffes are tall, and they see things from up high, turtles are low to the ground and see down low. Essentially, this means that the people we talk to can only see things from their worldview. Some of them cannot handle our giraffe height, because they are too turtle low.

Often times we can doubt ourselves, because we allow other people to speak freely into our lives. We know that we have been purposed to do something, that we have a great life work, but because people cannot see what we see, and don’t validate us the way we desire them to, we start to question ourselves, and start to wonder if we should be doing this work at all.
Tiyambuke 2016 - Giraffe and Turtles [Living A Resilient Life]
Essentially, that is lowering your perspective, so let me reminded you that when we lower our perspective; we put our position in jeopardy!

Let me explain further: A giraffe has a heart large enough to pump blood through its long neck to his head in order to keep him conscience. If the giraffe pulls his head down to the level of the turtle he stops the blood flow and can pass out!

So, when you know you are supposed to do something great, when you are supposed to stand tall, do not get discouraged, and do not let people who can’t see what you see get you off of your path. 

Stand tall, and do what you have been called to!

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