• Engaging In Digital Missions

    At Glory Ministries, we will do anything to spread God's truth and love around the world. 

    By leveraging technology, we are able to reach the world for Christ in ways that were not possible in the past including: Church Online at Glory Ministries via Facebook Live, we also have a powerful online presence that enable us to help those in need.

    With Digital Missions and Technology - Distance is not a barrier!
    As Glory Ministries, we have seen firsthand how digital tools can be used for advancing the Great Commission. Digital allows access to places and people that have never been reachable before, and we want you to be a part of reaching people with the gospel.

    Digital Missions - Glory Ministries with Apostle Pride Sibiya
    To better enable our Digital Missions!
    We embrace irrational generosity. As we know that your generosity changes lives—ours and the people we are reaching.

    At Glory Ministries online (www.glorymin.net), taking action on your generosity is simple.

    Contact us for more information on how you can Donate or Partner with us on www.glorymin.net.

    Digital Missions - Glory Ministries with Apostle Pride Sibiya

     At Glory Ministries - Digital Missions:

    Our aim is to leverage technology to fulfill the great commission. As we leverage on technology we will target to build an online community of disciples who will be mentored, equiped and trained via digital resourses.

    Digital Missions - Glory Ministries with Apostle Pride Sibiya

    As Glory Ministries Digital Missions: 

    We exist to create, inspire, encourage and resource disciples of Jesus Christ to share His love through their creativity and innovation in the digital space.

    Digital Missions - Glory Ministries with Apostle Pride Sibiya

    Our Mission: 

    We aim to build a creative space for photographers, videographers, graphic designers, social media enthusiasts, writers, bloggers, on-camera personalities, web designers, church communication secretaries, SEO and digital marketing specialists and sound, production and lighting specialists.

    We also aim to provide a safe and encouraging environment for those curious about the digital space, as well as church members who have a social media presence and wonder how it can be used for ministry.

    Our goal is to engage all Glory Ministries institutions in the digital discipleship process.

    Digital Missions - Glory Ministries with Apostle Pride Sibiya

    Our Vision: 

    Members, churches and institutions of Glory Ministries realising the full potential of the digital space for the gospel of Jesus Christ.

    Digital Missions - Glory Ministries with Apostle Pride Sibiya

    Digital Missions Conference: 

    We will gather annually in July at the Digital Missions Conference to collaborate, create, meet and energise around the idea of creating a discipleship movement in the digital space. The event is a fun weekend of keynote speakers, workshops, collaborative activities, networking and prayerful planning.

    Digital Missions - Glory Ministries with Apostle Pride Sibiya

    Our Affiliation: 

    Digital Missions is a ministry of the Glory Ministries (www.glorymin.net) under the apostolic leadership of Apostle Pride Sibiya (www.pridesibiya.com)

    Digital Missions - Glory Ministries with Apostle Pride Sibiya

    Connect With Us: 

    If you have any questions about Digital Missions or the Digital Missions Conference, contact the Digital Disciples at info@glorymin.net

    Help us to Grow Glory Ministries Digital Mission:

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