• How to heal the sick: Go, heal the sick and castout demons

    APOSTLE Pride Sibiya, a renowned teacher of the word taught on the importance of healing and casting out demons at during the ongoing Tiyambuke International Christian Convention hosted by Glory Ministries.

    Oozing with spiritual teachings he dared worshipers to become spiritually proactive.

    ‘God spoke to me about my sons and daughtersthat they will rise and shine. It is not act of the devil to perform miracles.’

    The sons and daughters of the Apostle are part of the Mega 20 preachers that are slated to preach daily at the conference.

    Don’t be too familiar with servants of God, emphasised the Apostle.

    ‘We need to teach the church to believe. We need the church not to be familiar with people of God; it kills miracles. Familiarity kills the anointing,’ said the Apostle.

    Contrary to secular opinion, miracles are an integral part of the church,the prominent Apostle said.
    How to heal the sick: Go, heal the sick and castout demons
    ‘If you want to perform miracles, you must lose yourself. Stay connected to your spiritual covering. Maintain holiness and learn from others doing it.We are in a season for signs and wonders which are released to attract people. Signs and wonders attract people. Healing power is in you, release it.’

    How do we get healed physically?
    1. Have a balanced diet. Eat a lot of vegetables

    2. Seek counseling. Consult your pastor when you have problems

    3. Drink a lot of water – not less than two liters daily

    How to get healed supernaturally?
    1. Preaching the word of God (Psalms 120)

    2. Laying hands and command the sickness to go; don’t be afraid (Mark 37: 32)

    3. Touch sick people (Mark 37: 32)

    4. Laying hands plusspeakingto the sick (Mark 3: 5)

    5. Let sick people touch you (Luke 6: 19; Mark 6: 56)

    6. Talk to the mountain (Mark 11: 23; Isaiah 53: 5)

    7. What you see is what you get because seeing is believing

    8. Through anointing (James 5: 14-15)

    9. Intercession – ask people to pray for you

    10. Use of prayer clothessuch as handkerchiefs (Acts 19: 12)

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