• Day 2 Fasting and prayer

    Haggai 2, I have been eating, just now. God is concerned about the mission of His Kingdom and we get poor because we forsake that mandate: to build Him a temple...we have left His house to lie in ruins!
    Here he is willing to bless us with silver and gold which all belongs to Him. The sign is that when just the foundation is put in place, He is prepared to bless us.
    Apostle P Sibiya
    In this chapter God speaks about better things. People had appreciated the Solomic temple which was destroyed 66 earlier by the Babylonian invasion. People said, it was a great temple BUT God says He wants something better for His house and indeed promises a better place. May I prophesy, what you called best in your life, God is preparing you for much better: the glory of this latter house shall surpass that of the former. Only we need to be strong in God!

    While we are supposed to offer, let our offerings be holy coz we live a holy life.

    A shaking is coming, the undesired will be blown off, opponents of God will be vanquished as in the day Pharoah was overthhrown and God will establish His servants.

    May prayer is, may God:
    • Remember you in 2015
    • Help you live a holy life like Jesus
    • Give you better glory from now than you ever experienced ever since birth
    • Help you to be aligned to His house, His purposes and plans
    • Bless you that you see prosperity
    • Shake and confound all your enemies
    • Establish you as a signet!

    In Jesus, I love you!
    How are your devotions in the Word and His Glory our Vision?
    Apostle P Sibiya.

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