• Day 4 Fasting and Prayer

    Namhla, I went into Malachi 2. The priesthood was firmly established after Phineas killed two people who sinned against God by having adulterous and cross-cultural sex which God had stopped Israel from. God was pleased by his zeal and fear for the Lord hence had a covenant of life and peace with him. However his descendant, the priests have lost the way. In the Old Testament, the priests were formal temple officials, in the New, all Christians have become priests.

    How have we lost it?

    Apostle Pride Sibiya
    Apostle Pride Sibiya
    God says because we lost the Law, he has made us contemptible. All nations should seek the counsel of God from us but we have left His ways through these ways:
    • Oppressed and cheated one against the the other yet we belong to the same God. We need to treat one another with agape love.
    • We have done cross-pollination with the heathern, thus marrying children of strange gods. God is still maintaining His stance, teach our children this
    • Cheated in marriage. Premarital and extramarital sex, beastiality, homosexuality, flirting on app and FB is not permissible
    • Have accepted divorce as a solution to any small marital problem. Even preachers divorce and continue preaching a day after their divorce...ummmm! And even Christians do not question this. Divorce has become a culture.

    God hates divorce!

    Our offerings do not provoke God to bless us. We offer but God is not moved, hence when we see this we try to impress God in the flesh by shouting, crying, groaning, weeping at His alter. While all this is great and must be done, it is powerful only when done by an obedient heart not as a product of flesh and carnality.

    • I repent to God for being an ingenuine representative of God.
    • For doing things in the flesh
    • From backsliding from the faith of Phineas.
    • From allowing ourselves to lose value in the family unit choosing divorce and cheating than the standards of God.
    • Pray that God may give you and me abundance in 2015 and beyond!

    I agape you!
    How is the fasting and devotions going in the Word and His Glory our Vision?
    Bless you!
    Apostle Pride Sibiya


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