• Never Forget Your God

    The 2014 edition of the just-ended Glory Ministries Kabod Youth Festival was an awakening time for the attendants.

    The theme: Living a purposeful life was derived from Daniel 1:8, in order to encourage youths not to defile themselves with temporary desires.
    Never forget your God
    The festival is held annually to prepare youths on various fronts, including upholding sexual purity and to profitably utilise their God-given talents. 

    Speaking at the youth congregation, Apostle Pride Sibiya was unswerving.

    ‘Sinning has become a culture. If you don’t confess your sins, God will surrender you to into your enemy territory. Never forget your God in every situation. When God calls you, you must feel that you are different. It’s a vision that you purpose. People around you, reveal the purpose of your heart. Daniel was delivered from the Babylonian spirit.’
    Apostle Sibiya is an uncompromising advocate for sexual purity, a popular author, including the topical: Let’s talk about sex babe. The informative book is a must-have manual for youths and married people as well.  
     ‘Don’t be worried about the outward appearance like impressing your pastor. Doing everything does not mean you are a hero. Read the scriptures in order to go to the next level. We are seeking generational thinkers. Poverty and rebellion is a spirit of fear. You must use your gift to fulfil your mandate.
    His deliverance was as many youths are engaging in premarital sex because of peer pressure and accessing wrong sex information. The apostle has a strong desire to witness youths fulfil their full potential. 

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