• You Are Special Not A Curse - Apostle Alexander Chisango

    ‘God places honour and responsibility on leaders and they must be respected, even if make wrong decisions.’

    The definite teaching was presented by Apostle Alexander Chisango, the founder of Kingdom International Ministries. The respected doctor is also counsellor of churches, arms of government and a man to behold in God’s kingdom. Words escape from his mouth with unlimited wisdom.

    The servant of God taps his anointing from archbishop Ezekiel Guti. He is also the spiritual father to apostle Pride Sibiya and clergymen. Apostle Chisango was also lined as a key speaker during the minister’s conference organised by Glory ministries. And he did not take long to exert his spiritual presence.
    You are special not a curse - Apostle Alexander Chisango
    Speaking on the restoration of leaders, he said, ‘God places honour and responsibility on leaders and they must be respected, even if they are wrong. God put his ideas inside an individual. A leader is responsible for everything. When you are sent by God, you must have a one way ticket to success. Leadership requires faith in God. We are lacking people who can be trusted to do His work. But God is not the author of confusion, He sees you and He is inside the work.’

    Apostle Chisango’s explicit clarification of verses bible lives a lasting impression, even on the international platforms.
    ‘God is challenged by someone’s faith. In 2015, God must be surprised by your faith. You must always offer solutions even in challenging situations. Don’t use obstacles as reasons for failure, you must have total conviction in the Lord. Continue to build God’s pattern. You must start from somewhere, but you must also grow. Continue speaking to God, you need Godly choices as a leader because choices are many. A genuine leader forsakes temporary joy for future gains.’

    Prophetically speaking from the prophet Amos, he said: ‘According to Amos 3:3 and 7, God cannot use you beyond your revelation. You need to be in agreement with Him. God will do some things only after revealing his secrets to you. Sometimes you can continue in tribulations until you receive a revelation. Don’t be overtaken by witches in knowing your vision. You are not a curse, you are a special case. 
    ‘Genesis 41:39-41, teaches us to get strategies that work from God. Open yourself to revelations. Words spoken into life require action. Strategic leaders require strategic covering. Don’t love your ministry more than its founders, the grace carriers of the vision, who are your source of anointing. God does not move with everyone else. A ministry can only be powerful because of unity and agreement. People in disagreement can destroy big things and it becomes a door for the devil,’ explained the esteemed life coach.     

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