• By A Prophet The Lord Brought Israel Out Of Egypt, And By A Prophet Israel Was Preserved.

    Hosea 12:13 NKJV: The children of Israel were in bondage for more than 400 years and God used his mighty hand through his prophet Moses to deliver them.

    It was through the same prophet that Israel was preserved. They could have perished at the red sea but God used his prophet to preserve them. They were attacked in war countless times and again the prophet was there to preserve them.

    Today we can say your Egypt is that poverty following you, those curses in your life, those generational curses, being jobless, failing to get married or that sickness. Thank God that he raised our own Moses of our time in our father Apostle Sibiya. God has send him in our lives for our deliverance and to be preserved. Some of us when we came to Glory Ministries we were bound and God used his servant to minister deliverance, some of you were not married and the devil had actually said you will never get married but today you are happily married and you wedded, some of you the devil had closed your womb and said you will never hold a baby in your life but today you have kids, some were jobless, some had lot of demons and some were dull at school and hopeless but God send his prophet to deliver you. 
    By A Prophet The Lord Brought Israel Out Of Egypt, And By A Prophet Israel Was Preserved.
    The devil wants you out of that marriage, out of that job and out of that business but God is preserving you through the anointing and prayers of his servant. You are preserved by his covering and the grace upon his life. 

    3 December is that day again were we honour our own prophet. Every son and daughter of Glory Ministries is to contribute at least $30 or more towards our target of $50 000. Please open an account today through your local assembly and start to deposit something for it may be difficult for you to raise the money at once.

    Let's show our parents that we love and appreciate them.

    Together we can do this!

    Love you all

    International Overseer and ICC Chairperson
    Apostle S Masenyama


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