Bishop Mosa Sono is founder and Presiding Bishop of Grace Bible Church, which was established in September of 1983. 

His calling and passion is to win people to Christ, bring believers into full maturity of their walk with God, train, raise and mentor leaders in the church, corporate sector and in the community at large.

Bishop Mosa Sono was brought up in Soweto and is married to Pastor Gege Sono. In their marriage of 30 years, God has blessed them with two sons, Nkateko and Nhlamulo.
God's Generals -  Bishop Mosa Sono ... Grace Bible Church! (Part 1)
God's Generals -  Bishop Mosa Sono ... Grace Bible Church! (Part 1)
Bishop Mosa Sono has a passion for the local church. He believes that “the church is the hope of the world” and that the church needs to align itself with Christ’s mission to preach the gospel to all and win people to Christ, to be the extension of God’s love in ministering to the pain and hurt of its communities and to build prevailing churches.
By the grace of God, Bishop Mosa Sono pastors and teaches God’s Word, serves his community and is passionate about God’s work.