• #FillUpAquatic: What is in Store for me TONIGHT with Apostle P. Sibiya

    Chitungwiza – Just a few hours before the much-anticipated Glory Ministries All-Night at Chitungwiza Aquatic Complex on 10 May 2019, you might be asking: what is in it for me?

    The host, Apostle Pride Sibiya has assured all aspiring congregates a spiritual filled night that will transform many lives.

    “In this all-night, expect God to move on your behalf. Expect signs and wonders. Expect the word, worship, healing and God will set you free. God will release a blessing that will set you on a new trajectory in your life,” he promised.
    #FillUpAquatic: What is in Store for me TONIGHT with Apostle P. Sibiya

    According to the servant of God, the deliverance night is a must-attend spiritual event.

    “If you spend a night with dogs, you will collect fleas. But one in the presence of God, you will never be the same again,” says Apostle Pride Sibiya.

    The host has previously delivered people possessed with Satanism, changing their lives completely. Spiritual spouses, wreaking havoc in many marriages, has become one of his focal point.

    So, if you seek deliverance in the areas of bareness, unemployment obstacles and spiritual spouses, this all-night session is meant for you.

    The venue, Chitungwiza Aquatic Complex famed for hosting large gatherings, can accommodate 3 000 congregates while providing secure parking and easy access to public transport.

    Be there to obtain your deliverance – and become a testimony.

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