Harare – Deaconess Trish Gamuchirai Phiri was happy when her friend invited her to church. That moment, four years back, has shifted her focus on life. 

Before, she never imagined the gifts she possessed within, yet she was destined to be a leader – a preacher of note.

In 2015, she attended her initial service at Glory Ministries founded by Apostle Pride Sibiya. And today, she is a living testimony of a gem once concealed in dust, polished for the world to marvel at.

In her own words, she exalts the first day she encountered the man of God.

“It was during the winter days of July 2015 when a friend invited me to come and fellowship at Glory Ministries. From that period till now I benefited a lot under the leadership of Apostle Sibiya.”

Unlike other congregates, she never sat on her laurels, waiting for mana to fall. It only took a short time to reveal her God-given colours. After joining Glory Ministries, she became active in evangelism, travelling across the country to preach the gospel.
Brave The Weather, Walk The Distance To Spread The Vision - Trish Phiri's Story!

Her journey inside the ministry’s records books has been recorded and sealed by her achievements in a short space of time. Together, with Reason Mushangwe, the late Zvikomborero Rambanepasi,  – and many others, they travelled across the city to plant assemblies. 

The ensemble braved the harsh weather, walking on feet for long distances to spread the church’s vision: to manifest God’s glory on earth. Zvingunduru or street preachers became a name attached to their courageous deeds, to those who witnessed them on the road to fulfil God’s mandate.
With the work she has accomplished so far, her vision is truly in line.

“I love evangelism and am highly motivated by the late Benson Idhahosa, Catherine Khulman, and Hilda Bvunzawabaya. Benny Hinn, Reinhard Bonkie and Juanita Bynum. In the next five years I believe I would have been raised to become an influential evangelist and entrepreneur,” she proclaims.

Through the stewardship of Apostle Sibiya, Deaconess Trish Phiri has gained more, to propel her forward.
Brave The Weather, Walk The Distance To Spread The Vision - Trish Phiri's Story!

“His ministrations and shepherding have really grown me into believing strongly in the demonstration of the anointing and power of God. Over the few years I have been under the banner of the ministry, I have moved in healing and deliverance and seen great miracles emerging from that.”

Her presence on the pulpit has blessed many, proving how God selects his vessels, for someone born in 1994. As of writing, she is currently heading a satellite assembly in Hopely.

Serving in God’s house has become her daily mantra. “God has graced me with a gift of literature development and through that have done transcriptions for various messages by Apostle Sibiya.”

When asked to describe his spiritual father, she is short of words. “My spiritual father Apostle Sibiya is calm, stable, organised, loyal and loving father and servant of God raised to model and raise great and powerful army that will diminish the devil and bring destruction to his forces.”

Though she is currently single, she is not alone – meaning a family is forthcoming, soon. And with what she has done is God’s house, it is impossible to doubt her wishes.
Brave The Weather, Walk The Distance To Spread The Vision - Trish Phiri's Story!

Brave The Weather, Walk The Distance To Spread The Vision - Trish Phiri's Story!