We are excited to introduce you to the Glory Ministries - Digital Missions. The Digital Missions is our Digital Discipleship ecosystem, were we have teams content creators, content distributors and content engagers.


A content creator is anyone who sits down to a blank sheet of paper, a blank memory card, a blank canvas, a blank track, an awaiting camera, a live mic, a stage, a podium or a set of pencils and creates something out of nothing.

If you are part of Glory Ministries, you may create Bible studies, videos for your ministry, a poster, an event or even a recorded sermon - then you are a content creator and you fit perfectly well into our ecosystem of Digital Disciples!

GOD THE CREATOR: The act of creation is closely aligned with the first time we encounter God in the Bible. When we meet Him in Genesis 1:1, He is creating. We find Him in the Garden of Eden, and He’s in His element. His medium is His word. As He speaks elements, plants, water, light, animals, and solar systems come into existence.

As content creators, creating is not so seamless for us. When we sit down to create, the work is often long, tedious and sometimes boring. The revisions, retakes and do-overs are enough to make you want to give up.

But you do not.

You keep striving, pushing forward, honing your craft and revising. You struggle with the choice of words until the turn of phrase is just right. You work on the video, adjust lighting and sound, perfect the script and edit.

And then, you go live or you hit the “Send” button or you press “Post”.

And then you wait.

Waiting can be a long and nail-biting experience.

Digital Missions exists to give Glory Ministries' content life?
Digital Missions exists to make sure great content sees the light of day and gets into the hands of the people who need it?
Digital Missions exists to make sure Glory Ministries' ideas and culture make it to the people who need to experience a life change?
Glory Ministries Digital Missions and The Content Creation Ecosystem