Glory Ministries is an international movement which was founded in 2001 by Apostle P. Sibiya, in Chitungwiza, Zengeza, the greater part of Harare, Zimbabwe. 

It is a global ministry with the vision of taking God's glory to the nations of the world.

Mega Sundays: The term Mega Sunday is a synonym for Big Sunday in other churches. In Glory Ministries every month a Mega Sunday is scheduled on the ministry calendar. It is done to ensure that there is encouragement among the members within Glory Ministries and also to take the opportunity to celebrate and Double Honour servants of God.

Most of the Pastors in Glory Ministries are bi-vocational. They are employed full time or are running their own businesses as well as doing Ministry work.

At the moment most of them are not getting a regular allowance or salary for the work they do. As congregants, it is our duty to double honour servants of God through our material things so that they can focus on spiritual work. 

This is done by honouring them with cash or groceries.

The Mega Sunday is also an opportunity to share the Holy Communion.
What Is A Mega Sunday within Glory Ministries
Various Forms of Mega Sundays within Glory Ministries:

1. Assembly Mega Sunday: In Glory Ministries, the smallest gathering of Church members is called a cell group. From a cell group, the next level will be a satellite assembly and then a Worship Centre. 

A worship centre is an assembly with an established place of worship which can be either own property or rented and has Pastors assigned to it permanently.

It is possible for a worship centre to have various satellite assemblies. 

On a Mega Sunday, the satellite assemblies gather together in one place under the leadership of the Worship Centre Pastors. The assembly heads of the satellite assemblies will also be in attendance.

Groceries and goods are then collected and forwarded to the Worship Centre Pastors as a way of celebrating and honouring them.

2. District Mega Sunday: A district is formed when two Worship Centres or more are under the leadership of District Pastors. The role of the District Pastors is to oversee the work of other Pastors within their District.

During a District Mega Sunday, goods and cash are collected and forwarded to the District Pastors as a way of appreciating their work for the Ministry in the District.

The Holy Communion is also shared during the District Mega Sunday.

3. Provincial Mega Sunday: A province is formed by two or more Districts under the leadership of Provincial Overseers.

During a Provincial Mega Sunday gathering, goods and cash are also collected to celebrate and honour the Provincial Overseers. 

All Worship Centres ( including their satellite assemblies) gather in one place under the leadership of the Provincial Overseers.

The dates of these Mega Sundays are communicated monthly.

All congregants are encouraged to heed the call to mobilise goods or cash on a monthly basis to honour our Pastors as we appreciate the work they are doing in Glory Ministries and in the Kingdom of God. 

This will also allow God to bless us through honouring His Annoited Servants.
What Is A Mega Sunday within Glory Ministries

What Is A Mega Sunday within Glory Ministries

What Is A Mega Sunday within Glory Ministries

What Is A Mega Sunday within Glory Ministries